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02/27/2018 Make checks payable to Friends of Houston Judo, Inc.

02/27/2018 ATJA is the American Traditional Jutjusu Association, a USA Judo Group A member.

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03/02/2018 Added Kata on-line Registration

03/07/2018 Added Shiai on-line Registration 

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USA Judo State, Regional, National Coach Certification Clinic

03/02/2018  USA Judo Coach's Certificatiion Clinic to be held on Sunday, April 29th at School of Hard Knocks.  Download packet on Registration Page.


03/14/2018 Changes to Junior and Youth Kata Requirements

Jr Nage no Kata  - First 2 sets

Jr Goshin Jutsu - First 7 techniques

Youth Katame no Kata - First 10 techniques

Youth Nage no Kata - First 3 sets